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Interview with Luigi Rocco!

"Banana Split" is a creature of mine. The name comes from a tasty dessert of fruit and ice cream whose essential ingredient is just the banana. He was born thirty years' ago as ice cream, then gradually became pub, following the strong tourist vocation of Sorrento, tastes and trends of customers mostly northern European. In fact, between banners, labels and bottles shining style "british", this little place has almost become a miniature London.Tourists flock, because I find their music, their tastes, their football and as if by magic, the distance becomes extraordinarily close. Many of them are regulars and loyalists, so much so that last year, at the initiative of the Mayor Giuseppe Cuomo, an English couple was solemnly awarded for having spent thirty uninterrupted stay in Sorrento with a special visit to our Banana Split. But it is certainly an isolated case, if you think that just two years earlier, during the Premio Caruso, another British couple was called to surprise on the stage to be honored with public recognition. Here foreigners are people in the house. Then it is not random for four consecutive years has bestowed on Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence as Best Nightclub, which is not afraid of competition, it 'limits that ensure the public peace. And for those who want to follow you interact with us or just visit our site, a site of news in constant update.There are many varieties that we offer to our customers, we should look to the labels on the bottles of spirits that shine: we are the only ones to offer over 20 types of Vodka, Whisky vintage heady, rum flavor exclusive Tequila that recall distant countries. Special mention must Beers: blonde, red, dark, double malt with shades that recall the keys of a piano, not to mention the high demand Cyder Irish. To serve the most loyal "Banana Split Cocktail": a spell of liqueurs made of banana, strawberry and orange juice.But the real owners of this restaurant are their, Guinness and Split, two wonderful dogs of 13 and 5 years of age each year receive packages from customers and even more distant from the United States. There is of course the local clientele, also loyal like a big family by international flags.

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Weekly Program

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Pat curran

Currently sitting in the bar enjoying a drink. Fantastic atmosphere. Great music and tv coverage.

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